MZLMAX™, the first truly effective Multi-Dimensional Muzzle Device using AFD™ (Advanced Flow Dynamics™)

What NG2 Offers


MZLMAX™ – AFD Muzzle Management

MZLMAX™ is the first muzzle device to mitigate muzzle blast, recoil and flash effectively in one package. Utilizing Advanced Flo Dynamics™ and proprietary “3D’s” (Delay, Diffuse, and Direct) gas management principle, the MZLMAX™ brings state of the art design to muzzle management.


MAXFLO 3D™ – AFD Suppressor

The MAXFLO 3D™, utilizing Advanced Flo Dynamics™ Rather than start with existing designs NG2 threw out the template and started from scratch. The result is a light weight, strong, and efficient rifle suppressor eliminating most every negative factor associated with rifle suppressor use.

WORM™ – Gas Block

The WORM™ is a precision adjustable gas block built to function and last on any barrel length AR. Gas management is critical on over gassed rifles. Proper tuning allows your rifle to run cooler, more reliably, and with less excess gas and recoil. Smooth and consistent cycling and bolt lock time enhances accuracy while increasing rifle longevity.

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