Press Releases

  • A True Zero Back-Pressure Suppression™ Using Advanced Flow Dynamics™ DRAPER, UT – NEXGEN2 Defense (NG2) has brought new suppression technology to the market with their MAXFLO 3D™.  Utilizing the company’s “Advanced Flo Dynamics™ (AFD)” Zero Back-Pressure Suppression™ technology. Th

  • The first truly effective multi dimensional muzzle device using Advanced Flow Dynamics™ DRAPER, UT – NEXGEN2 Defense (NG2) has introduced the MZLMAX™, the first muzzle device to mitigate muzzle blast, recoil and flash effectively in one package. Utilizing Advanced Flo Dynamics™ and our proprietary “

  • Precision gas management that holds up to the toughest conditions DRAPER, UT – NEXGEN2 Defense NG2) has produced a precision adjustable gas block built to function and last on any barrel length AR. Gas management is critical on over gassed rifles. Proper tuning allows your rifle to run cooler, more

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