Introducing MZLMAX™

Introducing MZLMAX™

The first truly effective multi dimensional muzzle device using Advanced Flow Dynamics™

DRAPER, UT – NEXGEN2 Defense (NG2) has introduced the MZLMAX™, the first muzzle device to mitigate muzzle blast, recoil and flash effectively in one package. Utilizing Advanced Flo Dynamics™ and our proprietary “3D’s” (Delay, Diuse, and Direct) gas management principle, the MZLMAX™ brings state of the art design to muzzle management.

Engineered using the latest in advanced flow dynamics software and manufactured utilizing the most cutting edge CNC equipment available, the MZLMAX™ accomplishes what everyone said couldn’t be done. A device that effectively reduces recoil, minimizes flash, and directs muzzle blast away from the shooter and bystanders – all while remaining muzzle neutral and without the negative effects associated with brakes, compensators and flash hiders.

NG2 designed the MZLMAX™ with the home defense, law enforcement and military shooter in mind. Directing blast away from the shooter and those around them protects them from the damaging concussive effects of blast. It also directs the sound away from you or the people closest to you keeping you in the fight while mitigating hearing damage. Flash is suppressed to levels similar too or exceeding current flash suppressor designs. More effective on shorter barrels it maintains this efficiency on entry rifles, even AR pistols making it perfect for home defense. Recoil is noticeably reduced allowing for faster repeat shots and precision accuracy at distance. Muzzle neutral it doesn’t push your rifle in any direction keeping you on target no matter the condition. NG2’s MZLMAX brings muzzle attachments into the next century and beyond. And, the accuracy enhancing design, directs gasses o the centerline of the bore and away from the bullet, reducing accuracy robbing turbulence.

Built 100% in our Draper Utah Facility, the MZLMAX™ is constructed of high strength 17-4 Stainless Steel or Grade 6 Titanium alloys and machined from solid bar stock, it holds up to the worst conditions. Designed with input from current users in every field it enhances the shooting experience while protecting shooters from damaging muzzle blast and distracting flash. Initially available in 5.56mm and 7.62mm versions more models will follow to accommodate most any rifle. Integration of design and manufacture means high demand can be met with consistent and high quality control. Innovative dealer and sales support make it as easy to sell as they are to use.

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