Precision gas management that holds up to the toughest conditions

DRAPER, UT – NEXGEN2 Defense NG2) has produced a precision adjustable gas block built to function and last on any barrel length AR. Gas management is critical on over gassed rifles. Proper tuning allows your rifle to run cooler, more reliably, and with less excess gas and recoil. Smooth and consistent cycling and bolt lock time enhances accuracy while increasing rifle longevity. Adjustable gas blocks until now have had difficulty holding up on short barrels either failing or locking in place. Diverting gas around set screws or pistons disrupts the flow across the barrel affecting accuracy and consistent operation. NG2 has solved that problem using a patent pending plate design and WORM™ drive unaffected by pressure and gas flow.

The WORM™ uses replaceable plates with pre-drilled precision ports precisely metering gas while moving parallel to the barrel. Pre-determined sizes are available along with customized plates for precise application. The fixed worm drive moves the plate to the port you desire. Mounted above the plate and outside any gas flow the WORM™ drive is unaffected by excess gas and cannot clog, bind, or lock up due to debris buildup. Adjustable from the front using simple tools like a screw driver or hex head it is easy and simple to use in the field. Precision ports don’t disrupt gas flow or change with use metering precisely the same amount each and every time. No excess gas is diverted that can injure the shooter or damage their equipment. NG2’s WORM™ makes it possible to easily switch between suppressed and unsuppressed fire without effecting rifle operation. Different loads or bullet weights can be accommodated without experiencing excess gas or bolt speed. Precision rifles can be tuned to specific loads offering the optimum in accuracy and performance. Short barreled rifles can be used without suffering injury from gas bleed o while reducing gas in your eyes and face. The WORM™ offers increased capability with unparalleled precision and longevity in an adjustable gas block.

Manufactured using state of the art CNC machinery in our Draper Utah Facility the WORM™ is constructed of high strength and heat resistant steels. Machined to precise tolerances it will last no matter the application. Designed with input from current users in every field the WORM™ enhances the shooting experience while insuring consistent operation under the harshest conditions. Integration of design and manufacture means high demand can be met with consistent and high quality control. Innovative dealer and sales support make it as easy to sell as they are to use.

NG2 Defense